Pilgrimage site of Maria Rosenberg


Maria Rosenberg

Maria Rosenberg
Rosenbergerstraße 24
67714 Waldfischbach-Burgalben

Phone : 06333 923200


The pilgrimage site of Maria Rosenberg, with its 12th century chapel of mercy and pilgrimage church, is located on the connecting route of the Palatine Ways of St. James from Johanniskreuz to Erlenbach. The stations of the Way of the Cross ("Kreuzweg") lead through the extensive park with a historic tree population. Lourdes Grotto, built in 1913 in a quarry below the Gandenbrunnen, can also be found in the park.

Pilgrims travelled to Rosenberg to enjoy the quiet and gather new strength, whether during a visit in a group of pilgrims, alone or on the numerous feast and pilgrimage days. Don't forget to pass by the pilgrimage shop, it invites visitors to browse and offers a wide range of products. There are also plenty of creature comforts. Please book in advance for larger groups.

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