Waldpochen GbR


Waldpochen GbR

Waldpochen GbR
Dorfstraße 77
67471 Elmstein OT Iggelbach

Phone : +496328 9020006



A brand with a green heart!
The idea for this has been in both of us for a long time, and now we have brought it all together in the spring of 2020.

Love, respect and trust in people and nature are the basis of our motivation. We want to bring ancient knowledge back to life and feel that we are connected to the abundance of nature when we get involved in it again.
That is why we see our offers as a combination of forest experience*, calmness exercises*, personal development and a spark of magic. More information about this under "Our offers". It is important to us that the time you spend with Waldpochen is genuine, free from superficiality and show. That is what we stand for. Fair payment and genuine appreciation for all those who make our forest experiences possible and participate in them are also an important part of our daily work.
In this way, we hope to be able to make a small contribution to the preservation of biological diversity, environmentally and socially compatible tourism and the promotion of regional products. Our daily incentive is to ensure that our diverse natural and cultural heritage is passed on intact to future generations.


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