Offenbach an der Queich

alternativ: Büro für Tourismus Offenbach

alternativ: Büro für Tourismus Offenbach
Konrad-Lerch-Ring 6
76877 Offenbach a.d.Queich

Phone : (0049) 6348 8319


For many years now, the VNV has had a bird migration trail in the Offenbach Forest. These are the main hiking trails, which are signposted with picture panels of native bird species, nocturnal animals, mushroom and plant species. These paths all lead to the bird sanctuary which was built about 40 years ago. Here many pensioners and in the morning also kindergartens meet daily for breakfast and play.

Also the stork hiking trail crosses here together with the hiking trail of the Palatinate Forest Association.

For further information please contact:

Dieter Trapp, 1st Chairman of the VNV Offenbach;

e-mail: trappdie@t-online.de

Tourist Office Offenbach

Konrad-Lerch-Ring 6

76877 Offenbach

Phone: 06348/986180

e-mail: rathaus@offenbach-queich.de

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