Vinorant "Gasthaus zum Lamm"


Vinorant "Gasthaus zum Lamm"

Vinorant "Gasthaus zum Lamm"
Marktstraße 33
76831 Billigheim-Ingenheim

Phone : +49 6349 9070989


Our Vinorant is located in the tranquil Palatinate village of Billigheim-Ingenheim. We are not a traditional restaurant, but a culinary experience! We combine regional dishes with the right wine. The Vinorant focusses on the diversity of wine.

Wine should be fun and uncomplicated. We have carefully selected our exquisite wines according to this motto. This includes the most important grape varieties from the Palatinate, as well as a journey through Europe. From classic estate wines to award-winning wines, you will find everything on our wine list. Come by and dive in with us!

"If you want to find the truth in wine, you must not give up the search at the first glass" - Werner Mitsch

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