Villa Ullrich


Villa Ullrich

Villa Ullrich
Weinstraße Nord 47
67487 Maikammer


Villa Ullrich was built in 1894 in the style of historicism by Kommerzienrat August Ullrich. He was the owner of the former Maikammer enamel factory. The villa has two full storeys and a converted attic. The building is an excellent example of the neo-baroque style, a stylistic sub-type of historicism. The estate of the Villa Ullrich has a wrought-iron enclosure and two adjacent buildings at the rear. The façade of the villa is constructed of yellow and red sandstone. The four magnificent corner towers are richly decorated with ornaments. The front of the villa presents an elaborately crafted staircase ( double balustrade) that is accessible from two sides. It is decorated with characteristic elements of the Baroque. The entrance was designed in the style of a baroque portal with two columns as the portal frame and a segmented pediment that has been divided. On the spires of the corner towers and the central tower are long ornamented poles (roof knobs, tower spheres). The gray-covered, two-storey roof has round ornamented dormer windows. Their roof surfaces are broken parallel to the eaves. This creates a steeper inclination of the lower roof surface, which facilitates the use of the attic spaces. The cupolas of the towers are purely stylistic elements. The term mansard roof for the roof surfaces of the main building derives from the French architects Mansart (Koch 1982).

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