Villa Böhm - Stadtmuseum



A „cultural roadmap” guide the visitors through eight rooms, diveded into different themes. Interactive terminals convey the history in picture, film, sound and text which allow you to make your own discoveries. Since 1970, the listed villa has housed the city museum on the ground floor, the theatre group in the park, the city library (until 1977) and, from 1978, the Kunstverein on the have their own space on the upper floor. Aditionally does Villa Böhm also host the „Treppenhaus“ (Stairway) Conserts from the Cultural Department of Neustadt. "Villa Dacqué is situated in the most blessed spot of the sunny and fertile Anterior Palatinate. On the slope of the vine-covered Haardt where the road leads to the neighbouring wineproducing towns of Deidesheim, Wachenheim and Dürkheim. In spring when the almonds and peaches are in blossom, and in autumn when the foliage of the trees and vines assumes warmer tints is the scenery is especially splendid and the view over the lower lying Neustadt to the Haardt Mountains delightful. " (Quote from the Deutsche Bauzeitung of 1892).

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