Unterer Wanderparkplatz Kalmithöhenstraße


Verbandsgemeinde Maikammer

Verbandsgemeinde Maikammer
Immengartenstraße 24
67487 Maikammer

Phone : (0049) 6321 58990


The hikers' parking lot is located on the left at the end of Maikammer-Alsterweiler, an ideal starting point for hikes in the sea of vines. The circular wine trail Maikammer, wayside shrines and field crosses, as well as the circular almond trail lead past here.

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Actual Informations

We ask for mutual consideration when parking. Please ensure that you only occupy one parking space with your vehicle. Do not park on escape routes or access roads. If all parking spaces are occupied, please move to the next one and do not park on forest or service roads or on the side of the road.

This parking lot is closed on Fridays from 15:30 - 19:30 due to youth kart training!

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