Ungsteiner Weilberg

Bad Dürkheim

Tourist Information

Tourist Information
Kurbrunnenstr. 21c
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 935 4500


Size: 37.2 ha

Subsoil: Terra Rossa, gravel, clay, loam, lime, loess.

Name: Roman villa ("Weiler"). The Weilberg Roman Villa offers fantastic views of the vineyards.

In the south, very striking "Terra Rossa", coloured red by iron oxides under tropical conditions. terra rossa" soils, ideal for spicy, fruity, strong Rieslings. Otherwise very diverse terroir (gravel in the sunny, dry eastern part, clay in the less sunny, wetter western part) for well-matured wines with high minerality and ripe minerality and ripe, piquant acidity.

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