Trifterlebnispfad - Wenn Grünschnitt... - Nr. 20



Bahnhofstraße 60
67471 Elmstein

Phone : +496328234


Trifterlebnispfad - Largest water reservoir in the valley - Information board 20

Proliferating newcomers

Native plants in stream valleys often have a great variety of species, some of which are rare. However, there are plant species that have come from far away - so-called invasive neophytes - which are spreading strongly in our floodplains along the watercourses. They pose a problem in near-natural stream valleys because they multiply unhindered, form species-poor monocultures and displace native plants. In the Elmstein valley, Japanese knotweed has established itself and is spreading so much that structures such as bank walls and dams are endangered by its roots. For this reason, this Asian species is being mechanically removed from the Legelbach valley (black foil).

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