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Trifterlebnispfad - a special kind of themed hiking trail

In the Elmstein valley lies one of the most important and best-preserved examples of a small drift stream: the Legelbach, which flows into the Speyerbach. Drifting was the most important economic activity in the area. For this reason, all the streams were newly planned in Bavarian times, although wood drifting had already existed since the Middle Ages. From about 1820 onwards, the facilities were built in sandstone, which is why they are still preserved today. The mostly ungrouted stone blocks are so well worked and set that they are often still intact after 200 years. It was only with the advent of the railway, such as the Elmsteiner Kuckucksbähnel, that the Trift lost its importance from around 1900. Before that, in times of wood shortage, it supplied the wood-poor Rhine plain, helped the people here to earn a living and meant an economic upswing for Elmstein.

The ingenious system of the wood drift can be hiked and experienced here. We hope you enjoy discovering the old buildings and their significance. On the way, you will also get the water ecology information on information boards, for which there is no audio tour content.

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