Trifterlebnispfad - Rutschen u. Poltern - Nr. 10



Bahnhofstraße 60
67471 Elmstein

Phone : +496328234


Trifterlebnispfad - Chutes and rumbles - Information board 10

Trickle and rumble - Audio Tour

In the Kleiner Legelbach alone there are more than 15 slopes, which were called Riesel. Here the wood slid down a slope, while in other, even steeper places it fell down a fall or rumple. This gave special and memorable sounds that accompanied a drifting process. Here the bottom was built with sandstone slabs. Through the targeted slope compensation at the trickles and rumbles, an even slope was achieved, which was important for an evenly high wave. In this way, a maximum of wood could be transported.

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