Trifterlebnispfad - Mehr als nur Wasser - Nr. 21



Bahnhofstraße 60
67471 Elmstein

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Trifterlebnispfad - More than just water - Information board 21

Source of the large Legelbach

The spring type that is characteristic of the Palatinate Forest is the torrent spring, where the water flows out at specific points. The water temperature is constant throughout the year at around 10 degrees. This corresponds to the average annual temperature in the region. However, this is warming up with climate change. Spring water in the Pfälzerwald is clean, low in nutrients and soft. But springs are more than just water - they form habitats for specialists. The spleenwort is a typical spring plant. With its light requirements, it is adapted to sites in deciduous forests and flowers in early spring before the leaves shoot. Typical spring animals are the spring snail and the fire salamander (larvae), as well as special caddis flies, flies and mosquitoes.

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