Tränkenbrunnen (Esthaler Brunnenweg)


Ortsgemeine Esthal

Ortsgemeine Esthal
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67472 Esthal

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Directly at the entrance to Esthal, below the district road, lies a historic well, the Tränkenbrunnen. The precious cultural heritage remains hidden from view at first. To see the entire well complex in the Tränken valley, one must make an effort to descend via a path.

Until the 1960s, the drinking fountain was used as a washing fountain. It was mainly the women from the "suburbs" who went there, while the women from the upper village took their laundry to the Schelmenteich fountain. But the Straufelsbrunnen was also used for washing, Annel Conrad knows from her own experience. Only dark laundry was taken to the Hebbrunnen.

Monday was the main washing day for the women of Esthal, remembers Trude Paulig, who even as a little girl had to hurry from her home on Michelsberg down to the main road to see how many women were still queuing at the well.

Then the soaped and boiled laundry from home was put into the "Brenk" (tub made of galvanised sheet iron), which was then placed on the wooden wheelbarrow and off they went down to the well. The wait with the washerwomen was entertaining, people chatted and helped each other.

In the past, drinking water was also drawn from the drinking fountain. Later, after the water supply to the houses was provided by a network of pipes, that was in the early 1900s, the well in the Tränken valley nevertheless remained important for the fresh water supply of the citizens of Esthal. Especially when the water pipes burst in winter or the water supply was interrupted again. This was especially necessary in the early days of the new water supply. Of course, the troughs were also used to water the cattle.

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