Thomas Neckenich



Culture and Wine Ambassador  of the Palatinate
Recognised consultant for German wine

What I offer:

 Wine hikes and eBike tours

Dear friends of culture and wine, My name is Thomas Neckenich and together with my wife I have the privilege of working and living where other people go on holiday. Vineyards, beautiful wine villages, the Haardtrand and the Palatinate Forest - these are the characteristics of my homeland, along with the diverse landscape, the hospitable people and a conviviality that can only be found here.
Where and how would I like to share this knowledge with you?

Come with me on an adventure hike through the villages of Siebeldingen and Birkweiler, learn more about viticulture and the history of the villages and the Geilweilerhof. Let us walk through the vineyards and the terroir of the two wine villages and enjoy a wine tasting in the vineyard at one of the most beautiful places with all your senses (depending on the weather, alternatively at a winegrower's). Or, - cycle with me through the beautiful landscape of the Southern Palatinate, to selected viewpoints and nice places to stop for refreshments.

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