Teufelstisch (Devil's Table)


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It is one of the most striking rocks in the Palatinate.

The Devil's Table ("Teufelstisch") of Hinterweidenthal is a 14 m tall, table-like mushroom rock in the German part of Wasgau, the southern Palatinate Forest. It stands on a 312 metre high ridge that stretches for more than two kilometres from the Etschberg in the southwest to the 324 metre high Handschuh-Kopf in the northeast. There are more than 20 such mushroom rocks in the Palatinate Forest, but they are all much smaller. The Devil's Table in Hinterweidenthal is one of the scenic landmarks of the Palatinate.

The Devil's Table was formed when the first sandstone layers were formed about 250 million years ago. Subsequent subsidence of the soil in the Palatinate as well as the formation of primeval streams and subsequent droughts led to the deposits of the part to be counted as the Triassic (oldest period of the Mesozoic) and the Palaeolithic period.

Tremendously long mechanical and chemical processes had to take place before the rock could exist in its present form.

The Devil's Table can be climbed by climbers.

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