Southern Palatinate draisine line



Hauptstraße 78a
67368 Westheim

Phone : (0049) 6344 9442670


Southern Palatinate draisine tour – utter fun

26 km track cycling between Bornheim (Palatinate) and Lingenfeld (near Germersheim)
(Return trip)

The more, the merrier...

Want to organise something special for your birthday or need an original idea for your company, club or school outing?
Then the South Palatinate draisine tour would be perfect for you!
We would be happy to book the date of your choice today to ensure that the draisine is reserved for you or your group.

The "family draisine" is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children, in the back there is room for a picnic or up to 2 bicycles.
The "club draisine" is suitable for 7 people, 3 people cycle and 4 people sit comfortably around the round table at the back, i.e. you can also take older people who do not wish to cycle.

You can find more information about prices and bookings on the homepage.

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