Stutgarten - Burg Spangenberg


Verein Burg Spangenberg e.V.

Verein Burg Spangenberg e.V.
Schankentalstraße 6
67466 Erfenstein

Phone : (+49)6325 9888138


The Stutgarten of Spangenberg Castle

Bishop of Speyer's horse paddock, laid out in 1505, covering an area of 2.72 hectares. The fence of sand posts can still be seen. Of the 215 posts that once existed, about half are still standing. Six of them were destroyed.

Between 1505 and the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War, the following, mostly non-noble Stutmeisters moved into Spangenberg in place of the previous Burgmannen: Franz Hertel (1505), Hans Fort gen. Schwytzer (1527), Friedrich gen. Schlupffer (1543, was Stutknecht in 1532), Hans Schwab (1554), Wilhelm Dierolf (1576), Wilhelm Dierolf and/or Hans Weigand Licht (1581), Friedrich von Helmstadt (1597), Hans Schmidt (1602) and Eberhard von Hattstein (1604). With the Protestant (sic!) Eberhard von Hattstein, the list of Stutmeister ends a few years before the beginning of the Thirty Years' War.

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