Collegiate Church


Hetzelplatz 1
67433 Neustadt a.d. W.

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1368: Laying of the foundation stone in 1383: Consecration of the choir in

1489: Twin towers completed - While the south tower was built in around 1370 as a bell and watchtower (campanile), the north tower was not completed until 1489, as revealed by a stone bearing this date with the old spelling in the north tower.

1707: Division of the church into Protestant and Catholic parts - The wall in the centre of the collegiate church has separated the Protestant and Catholic communities for 300 years. It is one of the final testimonies to the arbitrary shared church in the Electoral Palatinate.

After the market concerts in May/June and August/September (on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m.), visitors with a head for heights can climb the south tower (57 m). It's worth it! The view of Marktplatz and the city centre is magnificent. The last watchman in southern Germany lived in this tower until 1970. The north tower (64 m) houses the Emperor's Bell, the world's largest cast steel bell. Burial site of Count Palatines Rudolf II (died in 1353) and Ruprecht I (died in 1390).

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