Stele 8 - Friede



On the approximately 2.5 km long circular trail you will rediscover wine and the Bible. Immerse yourself in the bible's world of ideas about vines and wine. At 12 stations you will walk through pictures and texts for reflection and enjoyment. Integrated into the magnificent Palatinate region, the Biblical Wine Trail leads along easily accessible, level paths, which are also easy to master for people with a handicap.

Column 8 - Peace

"Then they forge plowshares from their swords and vine knives from their lances. No longer do they draw sword, people against people, or practice war. Everyone sits under his vine and fig tree". It is an image of peace that the Prophet Micah draws here, and it is closely related to the vine and fig tree, which are also symbols of peace in the time of Solomon. The same is true of the wine that Melchizedek, King of Salem (peace), presented to the Patriarch Abraham after a war, together with bread, as a symbol of peace and blessing. Wine brings people into conversation. But this is a way to peace.

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