Stele 7 - Lebensgefahr



On the approximately 2.5 km long circular trail you will rediscover wine and the Bible. Immerse yourself in the bible's world of ideas about vines and wine. At 12 stations you will walk through pictures and texts for reflection and enjoyment. Integrated into the magnificent Palatinate region, the Biblical Wine Trail leads along easily accessible, level paths, which are also easy to master for people with a handicap.

Column 7 - Danger to life

"He drank from the wine, got drunk and lay naked in his tent." It knocked him out, Noah, the first winemaker in the Bible. Son Ham mocks and reaps the curse of the Father in return. Is the curse on the wine? Only if one drinks too much, like Amnon, the elder of King David, who was the victim of fratricide; like the Assyrian commander Holofernes, who lost his head; like the Babylonian king Belshazzar, to whom the warning sign announced his death, and many others. That is why the wisdom teacher Jesus Sirach says: "The juice of the vine has already brought down many; too much wine is a trap for the foolish, it weakens the strength and hits many wounds.

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