Stele 2 - Der Baum des Lebens



On the approximately 2.5 km long circular trail you will rediscover wine and the Bible. Immerse yourself in the bible's world of ideas about vines and wine. At 12 stations you will walk through pictures and texts for reflection and enjoyment. Integrated into the magnificent Palatinate region, the Biblical Wine Trail leads along easily accessible, level paths, which are also easy to master for people with a handicap.

Column no. 2 - The tree of life

"The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground, tempting to look at and with delicious fruits, but in the middle of the garden the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil". Was this a vine, this tree of life? There is much to be said for it. For in ancient times it was considered the "herb of life", and the Romans said: "in vite vita", "in the vine is life". But this is most evident in Jesus Christ. For he says of himself: "I am the true vine" and: "I am the life". That's why there are grapes hanging from the tree of the Fountain of Paradise by Gernot Rumpf! And that's why one lives in the Palatinate as in paradise.

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