Stein des Sehens - Neidenfels


Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht
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Stone of vision - Neidenfels

Think - times!

Your eyes are windows through which the world enters your soul space, image by image: sun, moon and stars, the earth and everything that lives on it, also that which man creates and destroys. Look carefully and judge crystal clear!

The Türmer

Born to see, ordered to look, sworn to the tower, the world pleases me.

I look into the distance, I see in the near, the moon and the stars, the forest and the deer.

So I see in all - the eternal adornment, and as it pleases me, I please myself.

Happy eyes, whatever you have seen, be it as it may, it was so beautiful!

(Johann Wolfgang Goethe, *28.08.1749 in Frankfurt - died 22.09.1823 in Weimar)

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