Stein des Atmens - Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht
Sommerbergstraße 3
67466 Lambrecht

Phone : +496325181110


Breath stone

Breathing Stone

Think - times!
As long as we breathe, we live. Birth and death are one breath: our life begins with the first inhalation and ends with the last exhalation. In one minute a human being takes about 18 breaths, in one hour 18 times 60 breaths, in one day 18 times 60 times 24 = 25,920 breaths. In 25,920 years the sun, which advances a little in its vernal equinox each year, goes around the entire ecliptic, that is, through the entire zodiac. 25,920 years are a planetary world year. You, breathing human being, are not limited. You are a breath of the cosmos, and your average lifetime of 72 years is one day in the great world year....

There are two graces in breathing:

Drawing in the air, discharging it; This oppresses, this refreshes, so wonderfully is life mixed. You thank God when he presses you, and thank him when he releases you.

(Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, *28.08.1749 in Frankfurt, d. 22.03.1823 in Weimar)

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