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Stone of Independence - Stone Project - Elmstein

Think - times!

In connection with the stone-setting in the Lambrechter Tal, we created this stone in Elmstein from our own strength, freely financed, self-designed, self-reliant, so now it speaks, the stone: Look! I can stand myself. This is how man should become: Standing up on its own, shaping itself, striving for freedom, independent in connection with the human community.

Stone of Independence

When a man is uplifted by nature, it is no wonder that he succeeds in many things; one must praise in him the power of the Creator, who brings such honour to a weak sound; but when a man passes the most acid test of all life's tests, when he conquers himself, then one can show him to others with joy and say: this is he, this is his own! For all strength penetrates forward into the vastness, to live and to work here and there; on the other hand, the current of the world narrows and restrains us from every side and carries us away with it; in this inner storm and outer strife, the spirit hears a word that is hard to understand: the man who overcomes himself frees himself from the force that binds all beings.

(Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, *28.08.1749 in Frankfurt, died on 22.09.1823 in Weimar)

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