Stein der Bewegung - Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht
Sommerbergstraße 3
67466 Lambrecht

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Stone of Movement - Thick Stone - Lambrecht (Palatinate)

Think - times!

Two groups of people worked on this stone for many days and did their best sculpturally: two ornaments were created, each a work of art in itself. But: they did not want to fit together. And the stone was unhappy as a whole, if stones can be unhappy. Then one group decided - with a heavy heart - to lift its form away, to erase its work, to create something new. And the stone was satisfied and came to life. Can you see it? Movement is overcoming the old. Only when we move do we move the world forward. Life is movement.

At the High Head

High head, he who has climbed thee has already come far, far here - has, burdened with guilt and atonement, finally reached a goal and, after an arduous path, he hopes for a wide view and for mercy ....

(Vera Gudrun Glatz)

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