Stein der Begegnung - Weidenthal - Mollenkopf


Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht
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Stone of encounter - Mollenkopf

Countless people pass you by and you by them, indifferent, nameless and unrecognised on the paths of the world. In the masses you are the loneliest. But then an encounter occurs like a recognition. And on the horizon of the soul, the question emerges: What do we have to do with each other? What brings us together? What past do we have and what future? And fate takes its course.

What fits, that must ignite, what understands each other, find each other, what is good, connect, what loves, being together. What hinders must escape, what is crooked must equalise, what is distant must reach each other, what germinates must flourish.

Give me your hands in trust - Be a brother to me and turn - The look before your end - Not away from me again - A temple - where we kneel; A place - where we go; A happiness - for what we glow; A heaven - to me and to you.

(Novalis, *02.05.1772 Eberwiederstedt - d. on 25.03.1801 in Weißenfels)

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