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Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland

Tourist Information Dahner Felsenland
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One of Bobenthal's special attractions is the church of St. Michael, built in 1779, with its particularly valuable Ubhaus organ, built in 1817.  Thanks to the commitment of some citizens, it has been completely rehabilitated and repaired. It is one of the most remarkable organs of the Palatinate. Experts call it the "treasure of the diocese" for no reason.

The organ of Wendelin Ubhaus
A unique work of art in many respects is the historic organ of St. Michael's Church Bobenthal. This instrument was created in 1817 by the organ maker Johann Wendelin Ubhaus(er) (born around 1780 in Freckenfeld, died 1852 in Kirrweiier). Ubhaus was the elder of two sons of the organ builder Andreas Ubhaus (also Ubhauser). He moved to Kirrweiler, where Johann Ignaz Seuffert, the eldest son of the Würzburg court organ maker Johann Philipp Seuffert, had already settled as an organ builder around 1770. Ubhaus was an employee of the Seuffertschen workshop, but also produced instruments on his own account. One of these is the organ in Bobenthal, as confirmed by an inscription found in the Manual Windlade: "This organ was made in Kirrweiler bey Neustad an der Hard by Wendelin Ubhaus for the community of Bobenthal... in 1817 the 24th Market." Hardly any of the Ubhaus organs are still preserved today. The fact that the Bobenthal instrument survived almost unchanged over the past two centuries is due to a fortunate circumstance from today's point of view: the parish lacked money for a new organ. As early as 1879, in the course of the new church building at that time, a new instrument should have been procured in view of the changed zeitgeist. However, as this failed for financial reasons, the Ubhaus organ, which had already been dismantled and stored, was repaired and reinstalled. Presumably on this occasion, the original wedge bellows system was replaced by the plug bellows system that still exists today. Not only the age and the almost true to the original condition, but also some musical peculiarities make the Bobenthaler Ubhaus organ a rarity far beyond the Palatinate organ landscape: The pedal does not have a 16' voice, on the other hand, the manual is unusually completely expanded from the deep C to f", whereas the pedal has a (time-typical) small circumference of just over one octave (C-d°). The disposition includes a quarter of string voices, which may pay homage to both baroque traditions and a certain late classical sound ideal. The mixture includes a terz choir, which enriches the overall sound magnificently, but due to a deep quint-chorus it actually refers to a (non-existent) 16' basis.

The church also houses an equipment designed and manufactured by Klaus Ringwald, including the cross with tabernacle in the choir room, the credence, the sedilien and the Easter candle stand.
This very modern equipment was taken over in 2009 by the disbanded chapel of the Dahner Hospital.

The oldest piece of equipment is the pulpit of 1780, which is no longer in use, which is assigned to the Rococo.

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