St.-Katharina Chapel


Pfarrei Hl. Kataharina

Pfarrei Hl. Kataharina
Marienstraße 12
76846 Hauenstein

Phone : +49 6392 993963


The Chapel of St. Catherine stands in the extended settlement area of Hauenstein near the convent of the Carmelite nuns. The chapel of St. Catherine, built in 1512, houses what is probably the oldest wooden sculpture in the Palatinate; the Pieta (=Vespers picture) dates from around 1360-1380. The people of Hauenstein tell that the mistress of Falkenburg Castle, which lies within view, once had the small chapel built above what is now the Hauenstein cemetery. It is said that she thanked God for the salvation of her child, who fell from the castle into the depths.

In 2012, the Catholic parish celebrated the 500th anniversary of this jewel.

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