St. Dionysius Kapelle


Katholisches Pfarramt

Katholisches Pfarramt
Im Stift 16
76889 Klingenmünster

Phone : (0049) 6343 5944


- The old Dionysius Church on the Hatzelberg had to be demolished in 1745 due to dilapidation.
- Pastor Florentinius Potner chose a vineyard hill, above Gleiszellen in the direction of Gleishorbach, for the construction of the new chapel.
- The Electoral Palatine master builder Kaspar Valerius built the new church in the years 1746 - 1748.
- The result was a simple baroque building, which was primarily intended to provide enough space for the faithful during services.
- During the French Revolution the chapel suffered badly, only with great effort the damages could be repaired.
- Originally, the chapel did not have a bell tower, it was built only in 1836, after the acquisition of a second bell on the ridge of the church.
- In 1919, the chapel hit the headlines when valuable items were stolen, but through donations from neighboring communities, everything was replaced.
- In modern times, the chapel was thoroughly renovated, and so today it stands in full splendor.

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