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Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht
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Spitzer Stein - Stone project - Esthal

On the way to Frankeneck to Esthal, at the entrance of the "Spitzensteiner Tal", named after it, at the entrance stood a menhir according to early historical times. According to an old document from 1787, this had always served as a boundary stone. When the Esthal road was built in 1873, this menhir was destroyed.

As part of the stone-setting project by children and young people from the Lambrecht (Palatinate) community, a new stone was set in 2003 to commemorate the "Spitzen Stein" and bears its mark.

It belongs to a series of other stones that were carved under the guidance of the artist Johannes Matthiesen. These are erected at special places of peace and power in the towns of Frankeneck, Elmstein, Weidenthal and Lambrecht. They are connected to each other as a total work of art and invite you to visit and linger.

May you see God's light on the paths ahead of you, even if the road you walk is dark. May you always hear the soft singing of the lark, even in the hour of sorrow. May hardness never turn your heart to stone, even when times are hard. May you never forget, even when shadows surround you: You do not walk alone!

(Irish Traveler's Blessing)

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