Spielstein - Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht
Sommerbergstraße 3,
67466 Lambrecht

Phone : +496325181110


The Playing Stone - Stone Project - Lambrecht (Palatinate)

Think - times!

The playing child is completely involved - and completely with itself. In play, it is not subject to any constraints, neither from outside nor from inside, neither from above nor from below. In play, it lives freedom.

"For to say it at last, the human being only plays where he is a human being in the full meaning of the word, and he is only fully a human being where he plays".

(Friedrich v. Schiller, *10.11.1759 in Marbach, died on 09.05.1805 in Weimar)

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