Hauptstraße 18
76889 Schweighofen

Phone : (0049) 6342 919230


On the French-German border, within sight of Alsace, not far from the German Wine Gate and its sunny slopes, lies our small idyllic village with nearly 600 inhabitants. Far away from any industry and hustle and bustle, our agricultural village invites you for a short or long stay to enjoy the fruits of our region, to breathe the clean and pleasant air, to experience the friendliness of its inhabitants and to relax at the edge of the Bienwald and Hardt mountains. Our village offers many possibilities to its visitors. Be it a visit to our self-marketers, a village festival, a stopover on a bicycle tour or a stopover from a hike through our varied natural landscape.

Sights: historical half-timbered houses, catholic church.
Leisure: hiking and biking trails, airfield with motor gliders, parachuting.
Festivals: Kerwe on the 1st week end in September.
Transportation: L 546, own train stop on the line Winden-Wissembourg, bus line Bad Bergzabern-Schweighofen.

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