Schulstein - Weidenthal


Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht

Verbandsgemeinde Lambrecht
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School Stone - Weidenthal

The high stone was erected here in front of the school in a joint effort: Firmly founded on the earth, its top points to the sky. The pattern, sculpted by adults and children, is a single line, intertwined many times, which connects the bottom and the top in a flowing way and returns to itself in the ascent and descent, always and everywhere. - This is how the human being is supposed to rise up learning and form his abilities in such a way that they flow lively in the field of force between matter and spirit without losing themselves.

From Schiller's "Song of the Bell

To the work that we earnestly prepare, an earnest word truly befits; If good speeches accompany it, then the work flows on briskly. So let us now diligently consider what springs from weak strength; The bad man must be despised, who does not consider what he accomplishes. That is what adorns man, and for this he was given understanding, that he may see in his inner heart what he creates with his hand.

(Friedrich Schiller, *10.11.1759 in Marbach, d. on 09.05.1805 in Wismar)

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