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Touristinfo Elmstein
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The " Schindhübelturm " (Schindhübel Tower)

The Schindhübel is located 5 km southwest of Elmstein and is part of the central Frankenweide massif, over which the main Palatinate watershed runs. The massif stretches from Hochspeyer in the north via Johanniskreuz to the federal road 10 near Hauenstein in the south. In the central area between Johanniskreuz and Hermersbergerhof, it is more of a high plateau bordered by deeply incised valleys. The Schindhübel is located in the extreme southwest of the Bad Dürkheim district.

The name of the mountain means skinning hill. It means that domestic animals that had been slaughtered or died of disease were skinned there and the unusable carcasses were buried. In flat terrain, the term Schindanger or Schindacker was usually used for such places.

On the summit of the Schindhübel stands the 17 m high Schindhübel tower, a wooden lookout tower. It provides a panoramic view of the central Palatinate Forest. The tower was erected in 1975 by a pioneering Bundeswehr unit from Speyer and has an information board about the people involved in the project.

The summit of the Schindhübel can only be reached by hikers. To the west below the summit, on Kreisstraße 17 at an altitude of about 540 m, there is a car park (Wanderparkplatz "Mitteleiche"), from which a hiking trail about 600 m long leads up to the observation tower.

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