Schäfer-Gretels-Felsen mit Höhle

Münchweiler an der Rodalb

Tourist-Information Gräfensteiner Land

Tourist-Information Gräfensteiner Land
Am Rathaus 9
66976 Rodalben

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Red sandstone rocks with a cave on the Röderkopf south of Münchweiler/Rodalb. A sign by the wayside draws attention to him and his sad and horrible story. To get to the rock, however, you have to be very fit and climb the slope extremely steeply about 30 m, almost on all fours. The small cave in the rock is worth seeing, but also gives a shudder due to the tragic events that should have happened according to the local history. The rock is best reached from the hiking car park In der Finsterdelle - near the Schützenhaus and the Palatinate Forest Association.

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