Ruine Schloss Karlsberg


Kultur- und Verkehrsamt Zweibrücken

Kultur- und Verkehrsamt Zweibrücken
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ruins of the karlsberg castle

The castle complex, built between 1778 and 1788 by Charles II August, the Duke of Zweibrücken, spreads over the whole mountain ridge of the "Karlsberg". In 1793 it was plundered and burned by French revolutionary troops. Its partially impressive ruins still witness the former dimensions of the castle and the accompanying parks and gardens. The 3 ponds ("Schwanenweiher") in the valley of the "Karlslust" together with the fountains and baroque, bizarre creations formed a magical landscape. The ponds were renovated in 2007.

This Premium-Trail leads to the castle: Duke Charles II August Path (Herzog- Karl-II-August-Pfad)

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