Ruine Heidenschuh


Burg Landeck Stiftung

Burg Landeck Stiftung
In der Kostrey 2
76889 Klingenmünster

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It is a characteristic example of a fortification of a steep-walled hilltop (sectional fortification). It was built for times of need and served as a refuge for the inmates of the Klingenmünster monastery as well as the population of the surrounding villages in case of imminent danger.

The ruin Heidenschuh is located at an altitude of 440 to 455 meters on the northeastern tip of the Heidenschuh, above the Pfalzklinik Landeck in Klingenmünster. The name Heidenschuh is probably synonymous with "giant shoe" and derives from the shape of the mountain. It is the oldest protective castle of the Klingenmünster monastery, probably built in the 8th or 9th century.

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