Restaurant Altes Bahnhöf'l


Restaurant Altes Bahnhöf´l

Restaurant Altes Bahnhöf´l
An der Reichenbach 6
66994 Dahn

Phone : 0049 6391 3755
Fax : 0049 6391 993159


Welcome to the "Alte Bahnhöf'l" in Dahn-Reichenbach. We offer steaks from Angunsrind, fish, salads, vegetarian greed, Palatine specialities, local trout, Palatine asparagus, game, chicken from charcoal grill, geese and ducks as well as Palatine wines.

Accommodation in the newly designed "holiday station" with 26 beds in former railway wagons is something special.

Breakfast for everyone in the railway wagon.

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