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The Rehberg is the second highest mountain in the Wasgau. It is part of the biosphere reserve Palatinate Forest and subject to special protection. Based on the German part of the Wasgau the Rehberg is the highest elevation . It is located two kilometers south of Annweiler am Trifels . A lookout tower on the summit of the mountain, the so-called Rehberg tower offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
The Rehberg rises immediately southwest over the Annweilerer district Bindersbach as a conical single mountain in the northeastern Wasgau . In the south the mountain is limited by the valley of the Kaiser Bach with the community Waldrohrbach . The base is oval and has a diameter of one to two kilometers. Its immediate environment is dominated by the Rehberg to almost 400 meters . Southeast of its main summit will merge with the little ones and the big cock stone two more conspicuous conical hills on ; the names of these two mountains are not related to their height, but on the size of the rock formations of the same name on their summits . In the north- west are the Asselstein and Ebersberg with the Wasgaublick .
The 14 -meter high octagonal tower is built of hewn sandstones. It consists of a base of two meters in height and the actual tower structure, which reaches a height of twelve meters excluding the parapet. To his pointed arch doorway outside leads a nine-step staircase to its observation deck with crenellated outer walls inside a spiral staircase with 49 steps . The base is an octagon with side lengths of 1.5 meters , a perimeter of 8x1, 50 = 12 meters. The tower was inaugurated after five months of construction on 17 September 1862.
By the Rehberg protrudes well above its immediate surroundings , he makes from its peak unobstructed panoramic views. Higher mountains, of which some are 600 m above sea level. Exceed NHN , there are only in the middle Palatinate Forest , namely - at least eight to ten kilometers away - in the northeast Haardtrand and in the northwest on the franc pasture.

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