Rathaus Dörrenbach


Gemeinde Dörrenbach

Gemeinde Dörrenbach
Hauptstraße 87 (Rathaus)
76889 Dörrenbach

Phone : (0049) 6343 3049038


This historic gem is not only a feast for the eyes: In the magnificent town hall hall visitors and Dörrenbacher also meet for enjoyable wine tastings, cheerful Palatinate evenings, Kerwe, Christmas market, New Year, ...

In the old town center, surrounded by lovingly maintained half-timbered houses, the town hall together with the historical fortified church opposite and the cemetery form an ensemble of special grace. The town hall consists of a brick-built first floor, the upper floor with the council hall and an imposing three-story gable.
Town hall in Dörrenbach
Historical town hall Dörrenbach

The first floor of ashlar masonry with round-arched windows and round-arched entrance was originally a one-room hall. The wooden beam ceiling rests on a joist supported by a stone column with an Ionic chapter. The second floor, especially the eastern "show side", shows exemplary Franconian half-timbering divided into three sections by two "man figures" (style, two struts). The windows are grouped in pairs in "Franconian oriels". The compartments under the windows consist of resolved St. Andrew's crosses. Under one window there is a coat of arms and the guild sign of the bakers. Under the other windows are flat-pitched St. Andrew's crosses.

Historical town hall in Dörrenbach
Main road to the town hall

All the timbers, especially the stems, are decorated with ornamental carvings. The front of the gable floors show man figures, St. Andrew's crosses and ornamental half-timbering under the windows with round sun ornaments. Heavily molded sills create a clearly discernible storey separation. The west gable end is clad in slate. On the north side, an exterior straight staircase leads to the second floor. The stair is covered and ends on a brick landing in front of the entrance door. This entrance is covered by a wooden enclosure with rich carving and a gable roof. Above the doorway is the inscription: PAX INTRANTIBUS ("Peace to those who enter here"), with the date 1590. The roof is a crippled hipped roof with an extremely small hip ("tuft") on the east gable end.

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