Offenbach an der Queich


Welcome to the Queichtalmuseum in Offenbach an der Queich, a cultural gem in the former barn, which the municipality of Offenbach has lovingly converted into a museum.

Since 1998, the Förderverein Queichtalmuseum e. V. has been presenting a fascinating mixture of art, culture, natural history and history here. The exhibitions in the Queichtalmuseum offer a diverse insight into the history and culture of the region. Readings and concerts provide cultural highlights, while social events enrich the cultural and social life in Offenbach.

Various events around the museum, such as the traditional morning pint concerts, the biennial Traunstein Beer Festival and the "Weifeschdl mit Sti(e)l" organized by Jugendkultur Offenbach, the youth department of the Friends' Association, invite visitors to experience the lively atmosphere of this unique place.

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