Offenbach an der Queich

Queichtalmuseum Offenbach

Queichtalmuseum Offenbach
Hauptstrasse 9-11
76877 Offenbach

Phone : (0049) 6348 9860
Fax : (0049) 6348 986141


Since 1998, the Queichtalmuseum e. V. sponsoring association has been offering art and culture, but also natural history and history in the former barn, which the community of Offenbach has converted into a museum.

Exhibitions, readings, concerts and social events enrich the cultural and social scene in Offenbach. This also includes various events around the museum. Frühschoppenkonzerte, the Traunsteiner Bierfest, which takes place every two years, and the "Weifeschdl mit Sti(e)l" of the Jugendkultur Offenbach, the youth department of the Förderverein.

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