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Tourist-Informations-Zentrum Pfälzer Wald
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The Stephanstal is one of two valleys in the south of Hauenstein. This is where the Queich rises, the river that accompanies the driver from Hauenstein via Annweiler to Landau. In Wasgau, which is certainly not poor in beautiful valleys, the Stephanstal is one of the most impressive.

The beginning of the nature walk is in the middle of the rocky scenery of the shoe village Hauenstein. First it goes on a wide driveway to the paddle pond. We change directly at the pond to the other side of the valley, pass a few more ponds and come to the Queich spring, an excellent resting place in the valley head of the Stephanstal (there are two opportunities to shorten before the spring by changing to the other side of the valley and walking back there) .

With a wheelchair or pram, it is best to turn around at the source, as there is a short, difficult passage on the way. From the source it goes a little further up the valley and then in a wide right curve around the valley head. Now the Stephansfels appears for the first time, a mighty free-standing massif with a tower in front. We then reach the paddle pond on a wide road.

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