Protestantische Kirche St. Oswald Heuchelheim


Protestantische Pfarrkirche Heuchelheim

Protestantische Pfarrkirche Heuchelheim
Hauptstraße 40
76831 Heuchelheim-Klingen


Today's Protestant church in Heuchelheim was built around 1500 and is dedicated to Saint Oswald. St. Oswald is the patron saint of the Franks, to whom the settlement of Heuchelheim probably goes back. However, the foundations and parts of the chancel already come from a previous church from the 13th century. Until 1880 the church was used as a simultaneous church.

In 1765, the nave burned down in a fire. Presumably, this was also previously provided with cross vaults, today this can only be seen in the choir. During the reconstruction of the nave, a rococo ceiling was finally installed. During renovation work in the 1960s, wall paintings from the 13th/14th century were uncovered in the choir. On it you can see the apostles Peter and Paul, among others.

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