Protestant Church Birkweiler


Protestantische Kirche Birkweiler

Protestantische Kirche Birkweiler
Kirchstraße 7-11
76831 Birkweiler


Until 1865 there was still a simultaneous church in Birkweiler, but it had to be demolished due to structural damage. In just a few years, the Protestant parish managed to build its own church. Most of the interior design of the Protestant church is quite spartan and simple. Only the pulpit and the choir window, on the other hand, are downright striking. The baroque pulpit with floral carvings is said to have come from the former simultaneous church and was probably built as early as 1785. The triptych-like coloured choir window was not installed until 1936.

It shows Christ with a halo and the inscription "I give you my peace" and therefore refers to two ecclesiastical feasts: Ascension day and Pentecost.

The church is one of the cultural monuments of the place.

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