Prot. Kirche im Gäu


Ortsgemeinde Freimersheim

Ortsgemeinde Freimersheim
Hauptstr. 17
67482 Freimersheim

Phone : (0049) 6347 9829866


There is evidence that Freimersheim already had a parish church dedicated to St. Martin in 1145. Around 1557, the then lord of Freimersheim, Junker Wolf(gang) von Weingarten, must have introduced the New Doctrine in the villages belonging to his dominion, as Emperor Ferdinand admonished the Junker not to introduce any religious innovations in Freimersheim. In 1596, the church was given to the Protestants. Catholic services were held in it until 1601, then Protestant Augsburg Confession until 1718. In 1719, the church was granted to the Catholics, but they had to give it back to the Protestants in 1720. From 1721, the church was a simultaneous church until a separate Catholic chapel was built in Freimersheim in the mid-18th century: both denominations had the right to use it. The Protestant parish enjoyed the legal protection of the provisions of the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 when the Catholic feudal lord took over the local lordship, and the Speyer cathedral chapter had the right of patronage, a curiosity in terms of church history. The Speyer cathedral chapter commissioned the prince-bishop's master builder Leonhard Stahl, a pupil of Balthasar Neumann, to build a new church with choir, sacristy and cloister, which was begun in 1760. In 1762, the church was consecrated on the Sunday after Corpus Christi. There is evidence that church consecrations have been celebrated in Freimersheim on the Sunday after Corpus Christi since 1521.
Until the French Revolution, Freimersheim was a “Prince-Bishop-Speyer Lutheran Parish”. The gallery was built in 1773. During the French Revolution in 1790, the interior of the church was devastated and used as a stable. The church underwent a thorough renovation in 1861, when the organ was also installed. In 1914, the church was repainted inside. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the church, the interior was renovated in 1960 and the exterior in 1962. In between, the roof of the tower, which is jointly owned by the church and the political community, was renovated in 1988. In two stages, the exterior was extensively renovated in 2005 and the interior in 2009/2010. The 250th anniversary was celebrated with a festive service on May 28, 2012. The baroque church dominates the silhouette of the village from afar. Freimersheim is part of the Protestant parish of Freimersheim-Kleinfischlingen-Großfischlingen and, together with the Protestant parish of Altdorf-Böbingen-Duttweiler-Venningen, belongs to the Protestant parish “Im Gäu” based in Freimersheim.

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