Prot. Kirche Altdorf


Ortsgemeinde Altdorf

Ortsgemeinde Altdorf
In der Gottau 3
67482 Altdorf

Phone : (0049) 6327 4832


Altdorf's oldest church was dedicated to St. Agatha, a legendary Sicilian martyr who is said to have been executed in 251. Her memorial day is February 5th. Of this church, the basement of the tower is still preserved. When Heinrich Riedesel von Bellersheim took over the rule of the village, the Lutheran confession was also introduced in Altdorf. And since the Junker was an electoral Palatine councilor and official, he also followed the line of the elector in confessional questions. Therefore we find in 1583/85 in Altdorf the Lutheran pastor Jacob Menges, but later throughout Reformed pastors. However, their names are known to us only from the year 1607 on. Georg Ehrnfelder is mentioned as the last pastor in the village during the Thirty Years' War in 1628. The following period lies in the dark until 1656, when the young Huldreich Müller, a professor's son from Zurich, was able to fill the pastorate.

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