Praxis für Zellheilung

Bad Dürkheim


Berliner Straße 2
67098 Bad Dürkheim


Our body is a miracle and can heal itself if we find and eliminate the real causes of the disease. Your cells are always in focus. Because: If the cells are healthy, the person is healthy.

An extensive anamnesis and laboratory diagnostics are the basis for understanding the correlations of your state of health. Only then can we develop and implement a sustainable and effective therapy concept together. In doing so, we are supported by the latest medical findings in cell research and a combination of the most modern therapy concepts.

The focus is on activating your cells in such a way that your body is once again supplied with everything it needs for a vibrant life: A functioning regulation, the absorption of valuable food and pure oxygen.

I support you competently with the following complaints:
- Environmental and pollutant stress as well as heavy metal stress.
- Neurological diseases/cardiovascular diseases
- Diseases of the digestive tract
- Depression, burnout syndrome and hormones
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
- Allergy, skin and respiratory diseases

Range of services:
- Intestinal rehabilitation/environmental reconstruction
- Infusion therapy and orthomolecular medicine
- Heavy metal elimination/chelation therapy
- Injection lipolysis/fat removal injection
- Foot reflexology
- Cupping and leech therapy

* me2.vie system therapy Is a high-frequency treatment method that intervenes in the regulation-disturbed metabolism and significantly boosts your cell energy (thus your life energy).

* S.O.N.A.R. treatment (somatic localisation of inactive resources) Sonar treatment is a pressure point massage on muscle plexus points. Combined with a breathing technique, it releases the tensions and traumas located in the deep muscles and discharges them.

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