Praxis für Logopädie Birgit Lohmann-Reichert

Bad Dürkheim

Praxis für Logopädie

Praxis für Logopädie
Kaiserslauterer Straße 4
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 954 126


I, therapist Birgit Lohmann-Reichert (state-approved speech therapist since 1986 and family therapist), I respond flexibly to the individual needs of children, adolescents and adult patients. The bright and friendly practice rooms await you close to the centre, opposite the Dürkheimer Haus, with parking facilities in the multi-storey car park there.

Diagnostics and therapy for:
- Dyslalia (stammering)
- Dysgrammatism (sentence construction errors)
- speech development disorder
- auditory perception disorder
- myofunctional disorder (e.g. incorrect swallowing pattern)
- Rhinolalia aperta/clausa (open/closed nasality)
- Stuttering/poluttering
- Voice disorders
- Aphasia/dysarthria (disorder of speech e.g. after stroke)
- Dysphagia (disorder of swallowing)
- Breathing therapy and relaxation techniques

There is the possibility of parent, family and individual counselling. Home visits are offered (with the appropriate prescription).

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