Praxis für Ergotherapie Kerstin Diehl, Bärbel Endress

Bad Dürkheim

Praxis für Ergotherapie

Praxis für Ergotherapie
Weinstraße Süd 46
67098 Bad Dürkheim

Phone : (0049) 6322 92424
Fax : (0049) 6322 92426


Occupational therapy is used for people of all ages and serves to develop, restore and/or maintain everyday skills. In order to be able to respond precisely to your needs, we work together with the Regina Köhler logopaedic practice.

Our practice offers the following services:
- Sensomotoric-perceptive treatment (perceive & move)
- Psychological-functional treatment (feeling & acting)
- Brain performance training (thinking & acting)
- Motor-functional treatment (move & do)
- Animal-assisted therapy
- Neurofeedback
- Learning support
- Participation

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