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Just above the village Birkweiler visitors and locals alike will find an almond grove where they can plant their own almond tree. An almond tree labelled with the beloved’s name is also a popular present amongst lovers. Festive planting ceremonies take place every spring and autumn. In the last few years planting almond trees has become so popular that the grove now is full and there is no more space for new trees.

Even so, the almond grove is still worth a visit. A picknick bench overlooking the village, the vineyards and the Rhine plain invites visitors to linger and enjoy. Pink trail blazings guide the way from and to Birkweiler. The project was initiated in 2010 by the association Süldliche Weinstrasse Landau-Land e.V. in cooperation with the village Birkweiler that provides the land.

Today over 100 trees and four different types of almond trees grace the grove: the bitter almond "Pearl of the Wine Route" symbolises the almond blossom in the Palatinate with its blooms that turn the Wine Route into a sea of pink. The sweet almond "Palatina" enchants with its widely cantilevered crown and white blossoms. The "Dürkheimer Krachmandel" is a sweet almond too, but characterised by a very early blossom. The white blooming "Prinzess" bears the names of the wine princesses of landauland.

Pink signposts lead you from Birkweiler or from the Birkweiler hikers' parking lot up to the Mandelhain.


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